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VR - Age 6+ 

Leverage the advances in modern technology and let your kid benefit by going beyond 7 senses to explore different realities and alternate our experiences.


Startupcatz’s multi-dimensional learning platform  enables kids to have amazing , unprecedented learning experience in his education journey by wearing a VR headset, to encounter high-quality visualisations , which in turn will unfold into enormous interest in learning , and student will definitely feel more motived to learn and exhibit increased engagement .

In this course, students not only use VR but they also build VR content and experiences. Both artistic and logical mind has never-ending scope to express them-self. With Google 3D paint, students create arts that were not possible before. With Google blocks, students are building architecture, machines, and abstract art. With Earth VR, they can teleport them-self to any place in the world. 

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